BANSAL Math offers Fall Winter Spring and Summer sessions per school year and each session has 10 classes except Summer. Each session is a continuation of the previous session. It is recommended but not required that the child starts into the program in the September session for the child to grasp the teaching method.

Courses Offered
  • E1 ( For Ist and 2nd grade )
    E1 class focuses and develop the foundation of the Math basics with addition, subtraction multiplication and division. Along with this child will learn to read and solve word problems.
  • E2 ( For 2nd and 3rd grade )
    E2 class builds upon the lessons from E1. Along with basic operations more word problems are introduced. Topics like Comparisons, Money, Geometry and Graphs are discussed.
  • E3 ( For 3rd and 4th grade )
    E3 is transitional class from basic calculations to critical thinking problems. Each class will expose students to analytical/critical thinking problems. Students will participate in Continental Math League contest. Topics like Distributive properties, Working Backwards are introduced.
  • E4 ( For 3rd to 5th grade )
    E4 class is foundational course in Analytical Problem Solving. Students will participate in Math Olympiads and Continental Math League Contests. Topics like Working Backwards, Patterns, LCM, GCF and Divisibility are introduced.
  • E5 ( For 4th to 6th grade )
    E5 continues to build a solid foundation in Problem Solving. Students will participate in MOEMS and CML Contests. Topics like Average, Ratios, Number Crunching, Counting and Logic are introduced.
  • M6 ( For 5th to 8th grade )
    M6 is foundational course in Analytical Problem Solving for middle school. Students will participate in MOEMS, CML, GAUSS and other contests. Topics like Equations, Permutation, Combination, Exponents, In-equalities, Number Theory are introduced.
  • M7 ( For 6th to 8th grade )
    M7 is continuation of M6 level. It builds on the concepts taught in M6. Students will participate in MOEMS, CML, GAUSS and Math counts. Topics like Quadratic Equations, Logarithms, Functions, Geometry are introduced.
  • M8 ( For 7th to 8th grade )
    M8 is continuation of M6 M7 level. Problems combining multiple concepts are introduced. Students will participate in MOEMS, CML, GAUSS, Mock SAT and Math counts. Topics like Polynomials, Trigonometry, and Binomial Theorem are introduced.
  • H1 ( For 8th to 10 grade )
    H1 class will focus on Algebra II, Pre Calc and Geometry. Along with that Ten classes will focus on SAT/ACT Math Test. Students will participate in math competitions.