Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the BANSAL MATH philosophy?

    “Develop Analytical Thinking Skills through teaching Math.”

  • What is the BANSAL MATH program Structure?

    BANSAL MATH is designed for 1st to 10th students. We offer 35 classes in a school year at each level. There are nine different levels. Ten classes in fall, winter and spring quarter each and five classes in summer quarter. Each quarter is continuation of previous quarter. See curriculum page for more information.

  • What do you teach in BANSAL MATH program?

    BANSAL MATH program is based on Ist to 10th grade curriculum of elementary, middle and high schools. Along withschool curriculum, questions from Math Olympiads, Continental Math League, Math Counts, Canadian Math Competitions, and American Math Competitions are covered.

  • What online classes are offered by BANSAL MATH?

    BANSAL MATH will be offering the following online classes starting August 2018. This is for the students studying in remote areas and do not have access to this kind of program.

    Please see Online page for more information.

    • Elementary Problem Solving Class Level 1 and 2 (4th to 6th grade students)
    • Middle School Problem Solving Class Level 1 and 2 (6th to 8th grade students)
  • Why my child should join BANSAL MATH?

    Five reasons

    • Achieve excellence in Math.
    • Develop Analytical Thinking Skills.
    • Learn Problem Solving Techniques.
    • Apply math concepts to real life situations.
    • Participate in Math Competitions, like MOEMS, AMC8, GAUSS, CML, Math counts.
  • How can I enroll my student in BANSAL MATH program?

    Step 1 : Send an email to asking for placement test.
    Provide your Child’s name, Class and How is your child doing in School math? Any Awards etc..?

    Step 2 : BANSAL MATH will contact you with the placement exam and class schedule.

  • What is fees schedule?

    Fall, winter and spring Quarters (10 weeks) $ 220 and Summer Quarter (5 weeks) $ 110.

  • What is discount for siblings?

    We give $20 discount for each sibling.

  • What is referral discount?

    Please help us spreading the word by letting your friends know about this program. We give $40 discount for each referred student for one quarter.

  • What is the pattern of the class?
    • Solve Math Completion Problems
    • Introduce new concepts
    • Assign homework based on the concept taught.
    • Review homework problems
  • Who will be teaching my child?

    A Passionate and Experienced person who loves teaching math.