"I want to thank you for being a great teacher to me and answering my endless questions in class. Thanks for setting a strong foundation in Math."
"Your method of teaching and and your math tricks and hacks will forever stay in my mind."
"You are one of the best teachers."
"The good thing about Bansal Math is how they teach."
"Teacher gives very good tips"
"The quality of Math teaching is excellent. All my 3 daughters have attended Mr. Bansals math classes. And my elder daughter is in UM college this year."
"Dinesh Thank You for dedicating your time for teaching kids."
"Curriculum is Good."
" Teaching Style is Friendly and Concepts are taught first."
"Bansal Math makes math easy to learn."
"Teaching methodology is understandable to Kids. Sending solutions/videos to HW questions is extremely helpful."
"Story Problems, No Pressure, Tips and Tricks, Math Competitions."
"It helps me with my critical thining math."
"I feel it is good to have a weekly math program for the kids to keep up the grade level math and also little above the grade to challenge the kids to have a passion to learn math. Also it gives the basics that eventually help them take the advance courses and also ACT/SAT exam without fear."
"Best Teacher. Hope you can train the kids in SAT/ACT classes also. Good Luck."
"It teaches tricks that make the math problems easier."
"They teach and explain good."
"I like the Analytical math Thinking."
"Well Organized Class."